Program Content



Module 1

  • Introduction Code - getting to know eachother

  • Club rules, rewards and code cards

  • SAS goals and bionic powers

  • Detection of the Expression Game - detecting emotions from face and body clues

  • Secret Message Transmission Device Game - using walkie talkies to detect how people feel from their voices

Module 2

  • Secret Agent Body Signals - identifying body clues that signal how you are feeling

  • Body Clues Freeze Game - pointing to your emotion clues when the music stops

  • Emotionometer Device Activity - creating pocket-sized devices that measure degrees of anger and anxiety, by identifying body clues, intensity and situational triggers

  • Gadgets to help you feel better including the O2 Regulator gadget (deep breathing)​


Module 3

  • Fire Engine gadget - physical gadgets to help you feel better

  • Helpful Thought Game - shooting down unhelpful 'enemy' thoughts with foam helpful thought missiles

  • Thought tracker - detecting unhelpful thoughts and letting them float away when they are ready

  • Relaxation code cards and emotionometer stickers that allow you to add strategies to help you feel calm and happy

Module 4

  • Enviro-Body Scan - focusing on your body senses and surroundings

  • Friendship Formula - the ingredients to make and be a good friend

  • School squads - the Populars, In-Betweeners and Originals

  • Friendometer- device to measure degrees of friendship


Module 5

  • Scavenger Hunt - to review strategies

  • Formula for solving social problems

  • Conversation Code - steps on how to talk to others

Module 6​

  • Secret Agent Fact File cards- conversation practice with friends

  • Dialogue Dual - practising talking to others

  • Play Code - steps for playing with others in a friendly and calm way

  • Why people dis' you - rap​


Module 7

  • Damage Control Code - how to cope when things don't go to plan or when you make a mistake

  • Secret Agent Society Challenger Board Game - application of social skills through the board game missions

  • Detecting the difference between accidents, jokes and nasty deeds

Module 8

  • Bully Disguises - different types of bullying

  • Bullying exposed - understanding why people do it​

  • Bully Guard Body Armour - how to protect yourself from bullying

  • Continue playing SAS Challenger Board Game


Module 9​

  • Confusion Code - steps for coping with feelings of confusion and uncertainty

  • Finish playing SAS Challenger Board Game

  • Future planning

  • Mission planning

  • Program evaluation

Book of Social Codes

Emotion Codes

SAS Missions

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