PEERs friendship BOOTCAMP

PEERS® Boot Camps are designed to teach evidence-based social skills to teens (13-17 years), young adults (18 - 35 years), families, practitioners and educators. Attendees are presented with targeted skills through didactic instruction, role-play demonstrations, and have the opportunity to practice the real world skills through behavioral rehearsal exercises. During these behavioral rehearsals, attendees are divided into small breakout groups to practice with direct coaching from our program team. Parents, practitioners and educators attend a separate group (at the same time) in which they are provided with additional instruction on how to coach participants through practice and constructive feedback.


The 2-day intensive program teaches evidenced-based strategies covering the following:

• Starting and entering conversations

• Having reciprocal conversations

• Choosing appropriate friends

• Finding a source of friends

• Planning and organising social gatherings

• Responding to and bringing up disagreements

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Image by Omar Lopez