Please contact Social Detectives for our latest fee schedule. The total cost of the program includes ALL of the items listed under Program Inclusions. The cost is broken down into 3 separate payments:

  1. The individual session for children/families that assesses child's suitability for the group. This payment is required at the time of your consultation.

  2. Once you have received confirmation from Social Detectives that your child has been accepted into the program, a 50% deposit is required 4 weeks prior to the program to secure your child's position in the program and to allow time to order the necessary resources for your child

  3. The remainder of the account needs to settled half way through the program. 


All accounts must be settled at the time of the consultation and payments can be made via cash, credit or Eftpos.


The cancellation policy is outlined in your program registration form and will be explained to you at the initial appointment. We recommend checking the dates prior to commencement to ensure you can attend every session. Children and teens will benefit a lot more from the program if they attend every session as it means they are able to participate in all aspects of the program and practice these skills with their peers. Missing a session may result in your child/teen feeling anxious or confused, which may impact on learning as well as challenges in reintegrating into the group. Non-attendance of more than two sessions may result in your child having to forfeit the program. Unfortunately, there are no refunds for missed sessions or change of mind. Refunds will only be considered in extreme unforeseen circumstances and will be considered on a case by case basis.





  1. Visit your GP to discuss the option of a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). Individual sessions and group programs require separate plans under the Better Access to Mental Health Initiative. 

  2. Certain criteria need to be met to determine your eligibility for the two different MHCP's. Once approved, the GP should provide a MHCP referral to Katerina Stratilas (Medicare Provider Number: 414873AL) for the individual and/or the group sessions.

  3. The referral letters indicating treatment under Better Access (Mental Health Care Plan) must be provided to Social Detectives at your initial one to one appointment.

  4. A valid Mental Health Care Plan enables participants to attend sessions and then claim a partial Medicare rebate for the cost of this service (rebates shown below).  A Medicare rebate will be available for a maximum of 10 group therapy sessions as well as 10 individual sessions (we only require one), per calendar year.  A copy of the referral must be provided to enable a Medicare rebate to be processed.

  5. It is important to note a MHCP is issued for an authorised number of sessions (maximum 6 sessions).  After the initial 6 sessions, Social Detectives will provide a written report back to the referring practitioner.  The client must then make an appointment to review the plan with the doctor within that week so that a further 4 sessions can then be authorised by the referring practitioner.

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Medicare Rebate

Group Sessions (min 6-10 people)    MBS Item No. 80120     90-120 min session     Rebate:  $31.65 per session

Individual Session                               MBS Item No. 80010     60 min session             Rebate:  $124.50 per session

N.B.: once you spend a certain amount on medical expenses you may reach what's called the Medicare safety net which means Medicare will pay for 80% of your out of pocket expenses.





The National Disability Insurance Scheme is also called the NDIS. The NDIS gives people with social and emotional challenges more choice and control over the support services they receive. PEERS and SAS supports participants with their social, emotional and behavioural NDIS participant goals. Additionally, the program can facilitate the participant's / families capacity building in the following areas: 

a. Social and Community Participation

b. Improved Relationships

c. Improved Daily Living Skills


While we're not a registered provider, many of our groups and programs can be claimed under your NDIS plan depending on your funding and goals. Check with your Plan Manager or if you’re Self-Managed get in touch with us for a chat.

Find out more: www.ndis.nsw.gov.au


Please contact your private health insurance provider to obtain details about rebates.

Ramsgate, South Sydney, Psychologist, SAS, Secret Agent Society, PEERS, Autism Spectrum Disorders, social skills, group programs, children, teenagers, adolescents, SAS trained, PEERS trained, emotions, friendships, ASD, ASHD, anxiety
Ramsgate, South Sydney, Psychologist, SAS, Secret Agent Society, PEERS, Autism Spectrum Disorders, social skills, group programs, children, teenagers, adolescents, SAS trained, PEERS trained, emotions, friendships, ASD, ASHD, anxiety