Program Schedule​

We are now recruiting people aged 18-35 years who are interested in completing the PEERS for Young Adult social skills program due to commence August 2021. Sessions run on a weekly basis for 16 weeks on Tuesday evenings.

If you are interested in partaking in the program please contact us. Spots are limited!




program attendance

Attendance expectations are outlined in our Cancellation Policy. If families miss group meetings, they are encouraged to review the relevant session content with their teen before the next group meeting. Social Detectives will allow one 30 minute make up session immediately after the missed session to talk briefly about the content and to answer any questions you may have. If, in advance, you know you will miss more than 3 sessions please consider the next available program. If a family misses more than three meetings during the program it may be recommended by Social Detectives that you forfeit the program and enrol in the program at  a more suitable time.

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