Clinical Psychologist , Founder and Program Coordinator

Social Detectives is a clinic that specialises in running evidence-based social skills programs for children, teens and young adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other developmental disorders.


By way of experience, I am a Clinical Psychologist with specialised endorsements in working with ASD and other developmental disorders due to my experience and training. My training involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a range of developmental, learning and behavioural difficulties in clinical and educational settings. I have always had a particular interest and passion in working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, and it's co-morbid counterparts such as ADHD and anxiety. My goal is to ensure these individuals are given the opportunity to learn social and emotional skills in a safe environment in order to improve their social integration, emotion management and confidence from an early age. My experience, however, is not limited to just ASD. I also have experience in helping individuals manage symptoms associated with various developmental disorders, ADHD, emotional dysregulation (i.e. anxiety disorders, depression, aggression), behavioural difficulties, grief and loss, conflict resolution, social skills training and parent-skills training. I have also been actively involved in running group programs and workshops that have targeted individuals of all ages experiencing social and emotional difficulties including: managing anxiety, anger and depression; improving self confidence in teen girls; social skills training; drug and alcohol addiction;, parent-skills training; study skills seminars; transitioning to high school workshops; dealing with grief and loss; professional/teacher training on mental health; and many more.

I have received formal training in the Secret Agent Society Small Group Program (SAS) and the Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS) and have run both programs numerous times with significant success! These are the two main program I have chosen to focus on in my clinic due to the vasts amounts of research that have supported the effectiveness of these programs in supporting individuals with ASD and other developmental disorders.



My clinic is dedicated to improving the emotional, social, behavioural and educational well-being of individuals across all age groupst. My philosophy rides on the proverb "it takes a village to raise a child"- it takes an entire community of people to interact with children, teens and young adults in order for them to learn and develop important life skills in a safe and inclusive environment that will help them create more positive connections in the community. This relates even more strongly to individuals who have a unique set of strengths and skills in so many areas, but find the social and emotional world confusing and overwhelming. We pride ourselves on running group programs that empower these individuals to be the best and most confident version of themselves by teaching them the tools to improve resilience, emotion regulation, social interaction/relationships and conflict resolution. As a result, these tools improve social inclusion and community participation which, in turn, improves emotional well-being making for happier and more successful individuals. It was this belief that drove me into opening my clinic. Social Detectives purely focuses on running evidence based programs that are fun, interactive and multi-disciplinary so that participants are given the opportunity to learn and grow into the best version of themselves. I believe by practicing skills with like minded peers, participants will build the foundations they need to feel safe and comfortable in all aspects of life. In my work, I recognise that everyone is unique, and are experts in their own lives, and I believe by individually tailoring treatment programs through the eyes of the client, I can support individuals in living happier and more fulfilling lives.

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