Welcome to Social Detectives!

Social Detectives is the social hub of South Sydney. At Social Detectives we pride ourselves on the following:

  • Delivering revolutionary evidence-based programs that have proven results.

  • Selecting programs that are fun, engaging and effective.

  • The programs consist of: step-by-step concrete instructions on specific social skills; colourful visual resources and handbooks; creative and interactive games and activities; and ongoing social coaching for parents and teachers.

  • Creating a safe space that accommodates for individual needs.

  • Recruiting participants that are matched on age, personality and interests.

  • Using a multi-disciplinary approach- we work closely with parents, teachers and other professional to ensure skills are applied outside of the program.

  • We use a behaviour management system that rewards individuals when skills are applied outside of group sessions to encourage the use of skills in natural settings so that gains are maintained in the long term.

  • Empowering children, teens and young adults to be confident and resilient, by embracing their personal strengths and interests to facilitate social learning.

  • Providing individuals with the skills required to pursue their own pathway to a full and happy life

Evidence based

76% of children with ASD showed clinically significant improvements in social skills and emotional regulation



Social Detectives use fun and interactive activities as well as step by step visual supports to teach children and teens social and emotional skills in a fun and easy way!

Team approach

A multi disciplinary approach that integrates the skills of professionals, teachers and parents/carers to assist participants in applying skills in the real world.

individually tailored

We tailor programs to suit the individual needs of participants. We utilise individual strengths to help overcome challenges so that participants can achieve their full potential

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